10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Doulas and Midwives 2023

10 awesome gift ideas for doulas and midwives - Wild World Mama

So you have an amazing midwife or doula in your life and you want to get them a gift? Here are some awesome ideas that any birth worker would love to receive!

A public testimonial raving about them and their services.

One way to support your favorite doula or midwife is to tell the world how awesome they are! On Facebook and/or Google, leave them an amazing review. It will be a gift that helps them get more business!


A gift card to a local coffee shop.

Doulas and midwives are often out at births during all hours of the night. Treats like a quick cup of coffee or other cozy drink or pastry is thoughtful little gift that birth workers can use while on the road to their next birth!

I love my midwife gift coffee or tea mug

Speaking of coffee... pour your love into some "I Love my Midwife and/or Doula" Merch!

Express your gratitude with some beautiful birth worker merch. Every time they where their shirt or use their coffee/tea mug they'll remember the impact they've had and continue to have. Here are some awesome gift options.

doula gift midwife gift, birth art shirts

Birth Workers LOVE birthy shirts!

One thing I've learned about birth workers is we love a fun birth related shirt! There are a ton of options out there for birth shirts, here are a few designs I've created that I think your favorite midwife or doula will LOVE!

Birth Worker in the Wild Tote Bag - Wild World Mama

A cute, functional tote bag.

A cute and functional tote bag that they can use anywhere for anything is a great idea! Another bonus with this option is they can passively advertise "they are a birth worker" to others out in the world! This is a thoughtful and useful gift for any birth worker in your life. Buy this bag here!

graphic design services

Professional branding & website services.

Doulas and midwives often spend a lot of their own time and money on creating marketing materials for their birth business. Gifting them professional design services can be an amazing, useful gift so they can have amazing marketing materials to grow their business! Gift them my design or consulting services here.

social media phone

Share their business page & send them referrals.

A gift that costs you nothing financially is the simple act of sharing their social media post and business page. The more you "love" and comment on their posts helps them with their online marketing efforts. Love your doula or midwife, like and share their stuff!

birth doula in action

A picture of them in action!

Sharing a nice picture of your doula or midwife helping you during your birth is extremely appreciated as a birth worker! Giving them permission to share online on their business pages is even more amazing. Having pictures of us "in action" can help birth workers market their services AND have beautiful memories of your birth.

childbirth graphics pelvis model set

A gift from Childbirth Graphics

Birth workers who also teach classes often have to invest in teaching materials. Childbirth graphics has a ton of amazing teaching materials that are super useful for doulas or midwives who might also teach childbirth classes. Here's their website.

Gift card to a salon for a massage.

Doulas and midwives work hard! A massage or simply getting their hair or nails done after a long birth can be an amazing gift. Taking time for self care as a birth worker can be tough, a simple gift like this can help your favorite birth worker know they matter and are appreciated.

thank you card

A handwritten "thank you" card.

Sending your doula or midwife a handwritten thank you note, detailing how much their services helped you is a greatly appreciated gesture. It costs nothing and means the world to us birth workers. Couple this with a family picture and a gift card for coffee or any of the items listed above makes for the perfect gift!

Like these ideas for gifts for doula or a midwife gift! Share it with other new parents 🙂

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Kristen Mantell

Kristen Mantell

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