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Are you are looking to build or improve your doula website or midwifery website? Professional website designer turned birth worker here with some quick tips! With these things in place you can have a more effective website to help get potential clients reaching out!

When you’re creating your birth business website or doula website or even a midwifery website, you have to think about how to make sure that it’s displayed in the best possible way. It isn’t enough just to have a ‘birth business’ on your website.

You need to make sure your messaging has a strong voice that’s unique to YOU, clear service information & location, your picture (people need to see your face), and other elements that are relevant to your business and content that answers your potential ideal client’s questions. Having the right content on your website can mean the difference between someone reaching out or not!

So, let’s get to a few important things to keep in mind when building your doula website or midwife website!

What you do

Be crystal clear with this! You’d be surprised how many websites are so vague you have no idea what they even do. Using poetic but vague words can leave people confused. When they’re confused, they leave… People’s attention spans are super short… get to the point be clear and direct. Get them the info they want right away.

Where you are located

This is a vital detail that is often overlooked. I get it; there are 500 million other things to think of when building a business; small details get lost in the mix sometimes. Making sure your location/service area on your website is not only good for SEO but also to make sure only qualified clients are reaching out.

Picture of you!

YOU are the business. People need to see who you are so they know who they are reaching out to. Birth is an intimate space; would you reach out to a faceless brand? Probably not. Invest in hiring a professional photographer (if possible). Having good videos on your website is even better 😉

Collect email addresses whenever possible!

How? Offer something of value in exchange for their information. People rarely will fill out an email form with nothing in exchange. That’s where a Lead Magnet or Opt-In can come in. Create a checklist or a 1 page PDF that gives valuable info. Link that up with an email list through MailerLite (my personal fav) or Mailchimp.

A call to action

Tell them what to do next! People need to be told what to do, or they’ll just leave. Call-to-action examples: get your free checklist, schedule your free consultation, follow me on social media (with link to your business page), etc.

Be mindful of keywords

Make sure your URL & H1 tags that have your main keywords – location-based is ideal. Example: yourbirthbusiness.com/birth-doula-chicago. When someone types into Google “birth doula Chicago,” Google will see this as relevant content to show them! If your page headline (with the H1 tag) says the same thing, “Birth Doula Chicago” even better.

Check my article on 4 steps of writing an SEO-friendly blog post to learn in-depth about it. 

Less is more

The point is to get someone to what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Speak to your ideal client’s desired outcome or aspirational identity (who they want to be after using your services). What do they want to feel after they’ve experienced your services? Speak to the problems your ICA has (the things that keep them up at night) and the solution(s) you can offer. Don’t know what those are? Find where your ideal client (ICA) hangs out online and ask!

With these things in mind, you’ll be on the right track to creating a solid foundation for your doula website or midwifery website.

Choosing the Right Website Designer: Keys to Success for Doulas & Midwives

Choosing a website designer is a similar to how families choose a doula. It also requires that you as the website design client go into the process with clarity of what you want and need, commitment to the process and clear expectations. In many ways, it’s a similar process to how to choose a doula or midwife – evaluate skills and experience, seeking a shared philosophy and a sense of fit.

It’s ok if you’re not sure what you want at the start, a good website designer can help you figure that out! They’ll help you understands your vision and will be able to translate it into a beautiful, functional website that will help grow your birth business and practice.

Looking for help with your doula website or midwifery website from someone who knows birth work? That’s what I do! Professional graphic designer and website developer turned birth worker at your service. Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call now!

Cheers and know you’ve got this!

Kristen Mantell

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Kristen Mantell

Kristen Mantell

Creator of Wild World Mama, LLC
Strategic Brand & Creative Consultant for Birth Workers
Former Birth Doula & Certified Childbirth Educator

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