Birth is as safe as life gets.

"Birth is as safe as life gets" - Quote by Harriette Hartigan. Wild World Mama Blog Post

"Birth is as safe as life gets" - Quote by Harriette Hartigan

Really think about it…

Nothing in life is “risk-free”, nothing. There are no guarantees in birth, in life, in death.

Perspectives on birth range from “birth is normal until proven otherwise” or “birth is dangerous until proven otherwise”.

THIS is a big distinction between the Midwifery Model of Care vs the Medical Model of Care. One is rooted in fear one is rooted in hope.

Sometimes the “illusion” and false promise of “safety” in birth causes us to choose a birth environment that hinders normal birth. Sometimes these fear-based decisions end up causing self-fulfilling prophecies. A certain level of fear is normal, but it’s important to know fear itself is counterproductive in birth. Doing things in preparation for birth that help reduce that fear is incredibly important.

Truly, birth itself is as safe as life gets.

Learning to embrace the unknown, to embrace the fear, to acknowledge that birth is beautiful, raw, and primal, and ultimately the act of birth itself is (more than not) “normal”.

Birth matters and the seismic ripples of that monumental experience in birth, flows into ALL aspects of our lives.

Preparation and support from people who respect YOU as a whole person (mind and body) and the normal physiology of birth is vital. You are not just a vessel. Mindset during birth can make a HUGE difference.

Learning how to dance with the fear in both life and death while staying rooted in the hope surrounding new life is so incredibly important.

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