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“Listen to your baby. There are so many books, doctors, and well-meaning friends and family. We like to say, you don’t need a book, your baby is a book, just pick it up and read it.” – Mayim Bialik

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I’ve been breastfeeding one or both children for the past 4 years, holy moly! Here’s a list of some items I personally found extremely helpful on my own breastfeeding journey and thought you might too. Much love mama!

Hands-Free Pumping Bra

This is a MUST have if you plan on pumping milk at any point. It’s a game changer. 

Nursing Pads (reusable)

These are really nice to have so you don’t leak through your shirt! Reusable is super helpful so you don’t have to go through zillions of disposables!

Nursing Tanks

Nursing tanks are amazing. I wear them under my main shirt and it helps so I can discretely nurse without exposing my stomach!

Nursing Bra

Nursing bras make life as a breastfeeding mother SO much easier and comfortable. I highly recommend one!

Milk Catchers

With my first baby I had an oversupply and leaked, a lot! Did you know when your milk lets down it does so in BOTH breasts? Catch that extra milk and store it!


These feel awesome on sore nipples or breasts. Be sure to have a pack of these handy for a rainy day and breathe a sigh of relief.

Lansinoh Cream

Sometimes with frequent nursing our poor nipples need some TLC. *Know that cracked or bleeding nipples can be a sign of a shallow latch, if you get this know it is common, but NOT normal. So reach out to an IBCLC right away if this happens to you.


This is SUPER helpful during those newborn days! It can make breastfeeding a much more comfortable experience, especially when first learning and healing from birth.

Breastfeeding Made Simple

This book is a go-to for the basics of breastfeeding. It’s an easy read and has all the information you would need to get off to a good start! Try reading this before birth if you can!

One Handed Water Bottle

As a breastfeeding mother you will learn the art of doing most things one-handed! You’ll also be extra thirsty, so invest in one of these.

Breastmilk Storage Bags

If you’re going to pump milk you’ll need something to store it in. Pro tip: lay bag flat when freezing for space saving and quicker rewarming.

Breast Pump

Having a good breast pump can be a life saver when you need or want to store milk for later! I like the spectra pump, but there a lots of options! Check with your insurance.

Bottle Cleaner

Cleaning a bottle with those narrow bottle openings requires a bottle brush, unless you have tiny baby hands that can fit lol!

Nursing Cover

While you absolutely do not need a nursing cover, I personally used one in some situations for my own personal comfort. 

Breast Pump Bag

Having a good bag to store your pump and pump supplies is super helpful for when you need to go anywhere and need to pump!

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